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Art Sexy Lightbox - Usage examples
More about Art Sexy Lightbox    Art Sexy Lightbox is Joomla! popup for photos, galleries, external pages, Flickr photos and inline content. This page describes how to use the extension. All images on this page belong to their respective owners, they are here just for demonstration.

Demo 1 - Displaying images from folder. Thumbnails are just the same images of smaller size.
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox path="images/img_folder" previewWidth="100" previewHeight="100"}{/artsexylightbox}


Demo 2 - Displaying images from folder. Thumbnails are taken from another folder.
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox path="images/img_folder" thumbnailPath="images/thumb_folder"}{/artsexylightbox}


Demo 3 - Displaying images from Flickr. Showing small thumbnails and large image popups.
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox flickr="25357685@N04" flickrSmallThumbs="true" flickrLargeImages="true"}{/artsexylightbox}


Demo 4 - Displaying images from Flickr. Medium-sized pictures, displaying only 7 Flickr photos.
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox flickr="25357685@N04" flickrNumberOfImages="7"}{/artsexylightbox}


Demo 6 - Displaying inline content
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox text="click to show lightbox" hideContent="true"}HTML content{/artsexylightbox}

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
1 2 3
4 5 6
click to show lightbox

Demo 7 - Displaying galleries with single thumbnail image
Plugin code: {artsexylightbox singleImage="images/google/google.png" path="images/google"}{/artsexylightbox}



Styling CSS
artsexylightbox and artsexylightboxpreview CSS classes can be adjusted to change the look of gallery
  • documentation in PDF format
  • - Start Point For Your Website